“2015 – The Year Of Manifestation Of God’s Promise”…The Year To See What God Has Promised

“2015 – The Year Of Manifestation Of God’s Promise”…The Year To See What God Has Promised

John 2:1-11.

[Word Given By Pastor Melwyn  Misquitta At Witness Ministries Church On The New Year Celebration Service in 2015]

“The word Manifestation means to appear, to come into view, to be visible, to expose and to cause to shine. In this year of 2015 God will unveil you in order that you can shine.,”

God will manifest your Blessings, Gifting, Business, Church And Witness Ministries.

Some of you, in the past years of your life God had put you under construction through other people or obstacles just to bring the best out of you  – which means that He has been preparing you for manifestation.

In the year 2015 God will manifest you, taking you from back to the front. Your star will shine, what you have been waiting for is about to manifest. God is about to manifest your beauty – putting you to the higher level. There is a secret that God has kept for you, locked in His heart and it’s only Him who knows its purposes for your future.

God spoke to Jeremiah (chapter 1:5), that before he was born, He ordained him to be a prophet.

There are some of you whom God has already ordained as prophets, pastors, businesspersons or social workers. His ordination over your life will be manifested because there is unstoppable anointing for manifestation in 2015

In 2015 God will introduce you for exposure. When a season for manifestation has come, He will prepare your stage.

John 2:10 – only Jesus had a solution when the wine ran out of the jars, because time came for the situation to be manifested.

God will create a situation, may be an economical crisis in a land or at church in order to give room for your manifestation.

He is preparing a situation for you to manifest. He is looking for empty vessels, not filled people – just like the way Jesus turned water into wine using empty jars.

God is bringing out the best wine for you – therefore you don’t have to go some where looking for a blessing, it’s already near you.

In 2015 God will use your possession for your manifestation. It will be a big manifestation which people will  be able to  see.

Since your season for manifestation is at hand – God is moving you from struggling.

Come and celebrate with us to share joy in the year of manifestation.”

  • I declare that the year 2015 will be your year of manifestation.

  • Your blessings will be manifested.

  • Your gifts will be manifested.

  • Your ministry will be manifested.

  • Your business will be manifested.

  • Your education will be manifested.

  • Everything concerning you will be manifested.

  • I declare that your season of manifestation in your life has come.

  • God will cause you to shine in the year 2015.

  • I declare that every veil that has been covering you, today is torn

  • From today you are free from the power of the enemy.

  • There shall be no more delays in your life.

  • The blessings of the Lord will be manifested in your life.

  • The blessings of the Lord will be manifested in your home.

  • The blessings of the Lord will be manifested at your place of work.

  • The blessings of the Lord will be manifested in your future.

  • Your destiny is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  • You will be safe and victorious in your land.

  • Through God I declare your freedom from the shackles of death.

  • God will bring fruitfulness in every area of your life.

  • Where there was barrenness, there shall be fruitfulness in your life. AMEN

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